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Kay Vee Surgical Instruments Welcomes you

Surgeons Imagine... We Create... Celebrating 7 Years of Service Excellence

Custom Designed Instruments

Only at Kay Vee Surgical Instruments

We are providing total Surgical Instruments solutions.

kay vee surgical instruments following the guidelines of the doctors.

Welcome To K V Surgical Instruments.

History says from ancient times itself there were surgeons in india, for the descendants of susrutha, the father of surgery. Now the new era begins in this field , Yes its Kay Vee Surgical Instruments, Palakkad.

kayvee surgical instruments has grown from the soil of palakkad. The cultural confluence of the land, with a wide veriety of surgical instruments.At some point surgery is necessary to save lives essential tools for performing the surgery are being developed by kay vee surgical instruments following the guidelines of the doctors. Learn More

Professional Staff

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Custom made Instruments

We provide instruments on a custom design basis as required by various doctors & hospitals.

Trusted Doctors

Our products have earned the trust of various doctors and hospitals spanned across different city in india.

24/7 Services

Our team ensures that you recieve proper service on all our products on a 24x7 basis.

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We are the trusted experts things simple

In this short time period we expanded our distribution to kerala, tamilnadu and karnataka. We understand ourself as a part of the chain including doctors and health department, We are steping forward as kay Vee Surgical instruments & Research center, our motto is surgeons imagine we create. We are committed to develop new advanced surgical instruments, using latest technology and employment opportunity in the rural area.